Thursday, July 24, 2008


talk about being stagnant. this blog hasn't been posted on for quite some time.

lately i've been thinking about doing the multiply thing but i don't know... that'll mean time spent to do stuff i usually do here. the inviting part there was yes, the privacy option. anyways come to think of it, why the hell does one post on the internet if one doesn't want it to be shared? i'll think about this later. been thinking what username to use since someone took my username noooh!

anyways, it's fun to blog again. it's kinda cool too to be on my laptop tapping away while i'm leeching on my company's wifi connection harhar. something good for a change. too bad i can't bittorrent here.

i'm looking forward to going home after dinner with linds. time form some titan quest immortal throne! i was getting pissed for a couple of days already. finally getting my laptop and then arrive home, fall asleep and waste an evening of gaming. my job is making me toooooo tired for any hobbies at all. hopefully tonight will be different.

my fish tank is also getting a lot of moss growth due to my neglecting to change the water for a month already. damned typhoon fucked up the water supply. i hope miwd does something about this. good thing my fish is surviving. my 15" ornate is doing fine thanks to a good supply of pieces of meat i give the little guy.

anyways, i'm getting lazy again. still thinking about that multiply thing. will think about that again later. till next blog post... (in the next few months?)

carpe noctem

Friday, February 1, 2008

Too much of not enough...

nothing like spending a friday night reminiscing, and reminding one's self about why i quit using public pc's to access the net. two words could sum up my frustration: ACCESS DENIED. this shitty thing they call security is really getting to my nerves. so much for going online, i can't even usb my fricking flash drive. i miss my mobile apps!

ok enough of the griping.

plans for THE PROJECT has started. i'm planning to name it Project Stepping Stone but oh well, like i have already proposed that name to the team. a first brainstorming session has been done, over pizza of course. a group name has been decided, and logo designs are underway. what's next? maybe develop a nice portal for the team and look for a few projects as well? harhar high hopes.

still sucks sitting here not being able to be sure if my accounts and other stuff will be safe from phishing. pah-fee-sheeng! i sure hope that i can put to mind that the accounts i'm using now are expendable. no very special stuff here for me. there must be a big ass sign outside that reads "login at your own risk!". come to think of it, a lot of people get victimized because they are just soooo not careful. "look i'm logging in to my email address, oh time for me to go, leave the pc without logging out!" there you have it. people with "unhealthy online habits". i guess you can kiss your email account goodbye, plus the added risk that your account might be used for errr... not so nice reasons.

ah nevermind them, just as long as mine are safe!

and she's reading my blog!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Requiem for today!

dual weilding predator!!! SWEEET

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Musings of the payroll guy

ahh, just got back from the beach...

guess what we did? we slept the whole time we were there... must've been that tire or bored or something...

it's been a loooooooong time since i've been making entries on this blog. i wonder if i still have the time to make it an effort to write garbled messages here. i'm thinking of closing this down and opening up a new one. we'll see about that.

i must say that this is the first time that i have logged in a public pc in a net cafe for a long time. i guess i must be this bored or the connection at home must be that slow. i'm still waiting for the miracle of dsl getting to my place. till then, i'll suffer with the super fast speed of a whopping 56k. yearggg!

so far it's been a nice time. summing up all the good and the bad, i think the good outweighs the bad by just an ounce.

the year's about to end and i've come to think about that has happened this past year. so far i've made no conclusions, just thoughts of the collective events that have plagued me these past 11 months.

i just remembered that i just can't stand the thought of being beside someone tapping away on her keyboard on the net and i'm just watching. this is why i logged in today. linds is making herself busy with her friendster account and a few minutes back i was just killing time, musing myself with the pc's flickering led power light. i just couldn't take it anymore. i called up the attendant and logged myself beside her pc. hehehe

what else... where was i?

say, i did mention sometime ago that i was planning to put up another blog about my so called coding practices and projects. maybe i will get the time to do it soon yehey! also that blog about my aquarium projects... oh well..

so far linds is still busy so i'll just tap away here...

we have an upcoming project (free lance!), doing a webby for a cool resort somewhere in panay. we'll see if we do get that prospect so we do can something in our spare time, and make some MONEY!

enough for now, i'm having coder's block hahaha...

carpe noctem!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Moving on..

it has been more than a year...

time for me to move on with my life...

move on with a new chapter...

put me to sleep, evil angel...

carpe noctem...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's about time

my my my, where have i been?

i think this blog needs a revamp of some sort. work's been killing me, and i really really need a vacation. i wonder if i'll get to have the money to finance any sort of trip... tralalala

i've been gone for more than a month now, well, gone from my blog that is. my usual routine nowadays is when i arrive at home from work, cool down from stress, take a shower, sleep and then go back to work. talk about the monotony of this...

carpe diem!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finally, but yet again...

i'm back! back and black, well my arms and feet are anyway. i just spent the last weekend on a not so remote island. not so remote because it's not that far from the city, but remote in terms of the lack of basic amenities on that place. man, that getaway really invigorated my spirit. having that sandbar all to ourselves was really fun. i'm hoping and crossing my fingers that some time soon i'll be able to return there and relax. sleeping under a tree was very relaxing, even being rained on that night wasn't a bother. ok... i'm really lazy as of now so i guess i'll just add a few more words later. carpe noctem for now.